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The new camera has infrared lighting, and will also have sound.The new microphone is faulty and not currently operational, but the infrared allows viewers to watch nighttime activity in the nest, without disturbing the birds or the white-footed mice that are using the nest and nesting materials to make a living.

In my country people can already see websites with sexy pics of me.Make the video full screen by pressing the double arrow in the lower right.To escape from full screen, press the ESC key, or tap "Done" on your mobile device. Note to viewers: This is live video of wild bald eagles living in nature. Watch video » Once pushed to the brink of extinction, the Bald Eagle has made a powerful comeback since the pesticide DDT was banned in the early 1970s.Natural struggles will occur and some of the feeding or other wild bird behaviors may be difficult to watch. Minnesota has more Bald Eagles than any other state in the lower 48 states.The only visible physical difference between adult male and female American Bald eagles is their size.We are back to last years setup for testing video quality so IE 11 should work for now.

We have the Alternative Viewing Options link that we had last year.

This eagle camera is brought to you by the MNDNR's Nongame Wildlife Program, which helps over 700 species of Minnesota wildlife thrive.

The program is largely supported by donations from people like you.

Please read the family-friendly guidelines for the chat room below.

Our guidelines help to ensure that all chatters will have a pleasant experience.

Welcome to the live cams at the North American Bear Center in Ely, Minnesota.