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Tusk reveals that he has been influencing Walker's decisions all along and convinced him to cancel the original agreement, and explains he will influence Walker to nominate Underwood for vice president if he does a favor benefiting Tusk's interests.

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Because the new vice president is the former governor of Pennsylvania, a special election is to be held for his successor.The series deals with themes of ruthless pragmatism, House of Cards has received positive reviews and several award nominations, including 33 Primetime Emmy Award nominations, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor for Spacey, and Outstanding Lead Actress for Wright, for each of its first five seasons.Frank Underwood, a power-hungry Democratic congressman from South Carolina and House majority whip, celebrates the election of President Garrett Walker, whose campaign he aided to get himself appointed Secretary of State.In the resulting trade war with China, Tusk opposes Walker's efforts to deal with the crisis and begins having a tribal casino funnel money into Republican PACs in retaliation.When Frank discovers that Feng is the source of the donations, he gets Feng to end his partnership with Tusk in exchange for a lucrative contract for a bridge over Long Island Sound.Zoe's death compels Janine to abandon the investigation, but Lucas continues the search alone.

He solicits the help of a hacker to retrieve Frank's text history.

They both work with Remy Danton, a corporate lobbyist and former Underwood staffer, to secure funds for their operations and expand their influence.

Underwood begins a symbiotic, and ultimately sexual, relationship with Zoe Barnes, a young political reporter, secretly feeding her damaging stories about his political rivals to sway public opinion as needed.

In reality, Underwood begins an elaborate plan behind the President's back, with the ultimate goal of gaining a cabinet position.

Frank's wife Claire runs an NGO, the Clean Water Initiative, which she uses to cultivate her own power, yet its ultimate purpose remains unknown.

Meanwhile, after Underwood ends their affair, Zoe begins piecing together clues about Underwood's various plots.