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Horny chat 1to1

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I felt free to explore things I might never have tried, in a way I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

Goddess Cleo also kept a watchful eye over proceedings, as well as engaging in some delightful play, and took great pleasure in the assembled gentlemen’s spaced-out expressions.My memories of the afternoon are filled with good nature, intense sensation and the stretching of (among other things) my boundaries.In a highly safe and consensual atmosphere of respect and comradeship I was transported to places I have never been and allowed the opportunity to really explore, and have explored, a part of my anatomy which has been neglected and taken for granted for so long.Every lady present contributed to that atmosphere of warmth and safety.What may surprise many of you is how effectively that engenders a desire to submit completely.I turned up and was told to strip yet was wearing thong and light bra as had been exploring hybrid styles of cross dress clothing – they made me keep those on so I was made to feel self conscious throughout time as maybe a long time went by when I was cuffed to a cell door which meant I had to keep being aware that I was chained.

In a small cage later there was no way but to have to pose somehow on the floor in humiliation as you could not sit up.

I guess I’d expected it would seek to replicate one of the many play parties I’ve enjoyed, which don’t tend to be so well structured and usually descend into chaos; ironic, since discipline is such an important part of BDSM.

Unless you go with a partner, play can be a bit of pig-in-a-poke: there’s no guarantee you will really click with the person you’re playing with, or that they’ll go about things in the right way, and that’s if you’re offered the opportunity.

The straight forward approach she adopted exuded warmth.

The atmosphere that created felt remarkably safe, which in turn made me feel comfortable enough to let go completely, and very quickly.

As an example, Governess Painless really made an impression, and truly opened my eyes to a style of play I’d not expected; an approach that seemed gentle even when it explored things I may have struggled to endure otherwise, but found delightful.