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Lights came on upstairs, bedrooms probably, but how to see in.

After a few minutes waiting in the darkness, I crept up to one of the windows and peered in.Susan is petite at 5′ 4″ she has loosely curled black hair, which spilled over her shoulders and framed her ample breasts.She turned around and beckoned one of the men over, he looked about 50 slightly overweight with grey hair, he walked up to her and leaned down to kiss her neck, trailing kisses down to the tops of her breasts, he unclasped her bra and slipped it off her shoulder, he then started sucking on her nipples.I stood there in the shadows absolutely dumbfounded by what I’d just heard. I felt sick to the stomach as their words replayed in my mind.Every emotion surged through me, but I was paralyzed by indecision.“I was at the last one, for the rowing team, same thing.

I had a piece of the blonde one that night, but the one with the curly black hair is on the menu tonight.” “Yeah she’s really sexy. ” “Hell, why not, just so long as we switch after a while I want to fuck her and have her blow me.” They high-fived each other, picked up a bottle of wine and swaggered back out of the room.

In the months that followed she helped Kelly at three more events and earned another £3000, but sank deeper into the gloom that had enveloped her.

I eventually came to the conclusion that she was having an affair, stupid I know, but how could I have guessed that the problem really was that she was working as a high-class call girl.

Are you ready for the party to start.” A male voice suddenly asked. And just think of the money.” The door closed and the lawn was plunged back into darkness.

I was still numb from the shock but now I understood it all.

I came to the conclusion that the man she was seeing behind my back must work with her, so I decided to follow her to the next event and find out exactly what was going on.