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Since the act was developed, it has determined what the future development of the world wide web industry will be.The Stop Online Piracy Act supporters are very confident that the purpose of this new bill is to protect businesses.

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Not only this, but this new bill is now also in violation of another law.Not only that but all kinds of marketing networks too.For the time being, these are the only things that have been given the all clear from this new law.Not only that, but it will also have an affect on the entertainment and retail industries.You can be sure that this new bill will cause many difficulties. Because the legislation that this particular bill has is the ability to permanently remove websites.Those who are completely against this new law, make the assumption that it is simply a wholesale total censorship.

They say this censorship will come with a very small piece of regulation.

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This law is known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

This Digital Millennium Copyright Act was developed in 1998.

Not only will the websites be permanently removed, but so will the information that can be found on them.