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Male seeking female quickie video chat

Then my brothers babysitter Mildred a 28 yr old skinny redhead. We hold and talk to each other ask how she is feeling? Or the lack of foreplay I love foreplay, foreplay does not even have to be touching.Her husband went to prison because he beat her up so bad she almost died. Once I got the hang of it she could cum just from spanking. Once the session is over I tell her to get up, she says I cant I am tied up, sure you can move your leg or arm, the ropes just about fall off. It took me the longest to learn, that although I enjoyed Bondage, it was more for the submissive, the feeling of helplessness , the feeling of not being in control. Foreplay can be a look through out the day, or the way you brush her hair back, or small comments. I love laying in bed while getting head, most of the time I love it slow, just so I can lay back and relax.

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I have always love the kink, I have always loved spanking.More so she liked me for me, in some ways more kinky than I was. I love anal sex, this is another area I consider an act that is very submissive, for a female, it is the most private part on her body.Although anal is one of my favorite things it has to be done right, you have to go slow, prepare.The two are on a journey and have a long way to go, but with the path they are on they will be there in no time.I do not expect everyone to agree with me, if you did then something would be wrong, bad wrong.I saw her for almost 2 yrs, then I joined the Army. Then Korea I have spoken of this before, you know I was thinking we were talking about sex, and I was trying to come up with a number of how many women I had been with from the age of 17 til about 22, and I could not. I slowed down once in Germany where I met Gretchen , I should of married that girl, but I was young, and Dumb. Knowing one can do anything they want to and she cannot fight back. Then at times I love face fucking, just something about the control.

She was like wow just incredible about 5 years older than I was. Safeword I do not use a safeword, why would I, I am a sadist, but let me explain first before you flip out. I think this is probably one of the most submissive acts besides anal sex a submissive can perform is an act she has giving up total control.

Or her causing an argument so she can avoid having sex.

You men dug your own grave by cowering down and giving in, your you no does mean no.

If I am going to be doing anal play I like to give a warm enema, the area should be very clean. You just don’t want to get up behind her and shove it in, not that I haven’t.

I am at the age now, I want the submissive to gain as my pleasure as I do.

I used the flogger a little but I do need a better one.