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Our latest installment in ESPN attempting to navigate the politically divisive and turbulent waters of today’s political climate came to us as the network was forced to react to a string of charged comments made by Shame on ESPN. The network that hired Rush Limbaugh to talk football fails again … J3n Cl3Ii2 — Jeff Pearlman (@jeffpearlman) September 12, 2017 From Doug Adler to Jemele Hill to Simmons/NFL to Cowherd on Sean Taylor, ESPN continues to kill itself with discipline inconsistency.

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She also hasn’t commented on the matter on Twitter.and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country.Click here for WCCO-TV news stories Send us your breaking news tips here Contact WCCO-TV anchors and reporters Check out Good Question Send us your weather and news photos Get information on […]Welcome to News Radio 830 WCCO on!While there are certainly individuals who believe in a political double standard at ESPN, there are also many at the company who believe the heavy featuring of Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock on Fox-owned properties to bash ESPN is likely part of a orchestrated strategy to discredit ESPN in hopes disenfranchised viewers eventually adopt FS1.As we continue to become more politically divided, ESPN will be hard-pressed to sidestep these controversies and limit their fallout, considering how much covering these controversies has moved the needle for right-leaning media outlets.As told by two individuals familiar with the situation, Cohn’s comments drew the ire of John Skipper, who reportedly told Cohn to take a day off to think about how her comments affected the network.

It’s not clear if this was a formal suspension but suffice to say, word of Cohn being on the receiving end of discipline from Skipper himself made the rounds in Bristol.

Travis appeared Tuesday night to discuss Hill’s comments, but it’s possible the Cohn revelation may propel this into a second day of news within the conservative media ecosystem.

Whether you believe Hill was just stating the truth about President Trump or you were deeply offended by her comments, this is now the terrible reality ESPN has to deal with and there is no end in sight from what I can tell.

I think we, a large swath of sports fans, and likely ESPN all miss the days where our primary focus was making fun of Mark May, Skip Bayless, and Chris Berman.

WCCO-TV is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp.

While many within the industry were quick to vocalize their support for Hill, her comments are likely to further paint Hill and looks to stem the tide of declining ratings across their studio programming and specifically in that time slot, it’s possible that the amount of waves this controversy is making could result in pushing conservative viewers further away.