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Tom brady who is he dating

Tom Brady is an NFL star who has won five Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and is regarded as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.As if being one of the very best in his sport isn’t enough, he’s also married to a supermodel.

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Tom Brady's current wife and his ex, who is also the mother of his son Jack, were snapped sharing a warm embrace while Moynahan dropped off her son for a visit with his dad and stepmom.According to ESPN, which cited unnamed sources, Belichick was furious and demoralized when Kraft sided with Brady on the decision to trade Garoppolo, who won all five starts with the 49ers.Among the issues noted in the ESPN report were how the three men "differ on Brady's trainer, body coach and business partner Alex Guerrero; over the team's long-term plans at quarterback; over Belichick's bracing coaching style; and most of all, over who will be the last man standing." The team disputed several aspects of ESPN's report, citing "several inaccuracies," and sent out a statement in which Kraft, Belichick and Brady said, "We stand united." Both Kraft and Belichick responded "absolutely" to questions of whether the coach will be back for the 2018 season.Kraft, Belichick and Brady have been together since 2000, and been instrumental in a dominant run by the franchise.New England has won five Super Bowl championships in the past 16 seasons and captured the AFC East title in 14 of the past 15 years.But there are a few tidbits about their relationship that are pretty surprising.

Here’s a look at some things you may not have known about this gorgeous pair.

But did you know that Bündchen was so upset by the pregnancy announcement that she considered leaving Brady so he could get back with Moynahan and work things out?

She ultimately decided to stand by his side, and today, they have two children of their own together.

Reigning Super Bowl champion New England was set to host the Tennessee Titans on Saturday night in an AFC divisional round playoff game.

The report comes a week after the Patriots denied there was friction among the trio, which reportedly stemmed from a dispute over the trade of backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to San Francisco earlier this season.

Bündchen has referred to Brady and Moynahan’s son, John Edward, as her “bonus child.” In February 2009, Brady and Bündchen were married during a small Catholic ceremony watched by just a few close friends and family in California.